Head Injury (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Head Injuries in Hartford, CT

Head injuries are frequently life altering events, not only from the physical harm and suffering caused, but also for the emotional, psychological and financial problems that arise after the injury. For some people, the result of a traumatic brain injury, or concussion, is a lifetime of pain, suffering, losses and early death. For nearly everyone, and their families, there can be financial devastation, too. Head injury victims, traumatic brain injury victims, concussion victims, they all suffer tremendously from devastating financial loss, headaches, depression, memory issues, mood swings, concentration, vision loss, hearing loss and more.

That is why you need experienced Hartford Head Injury Attorney Michael Pollack to fight for you. Attorney Michael Pollack has the experience you need to understand your situation, he will provide you with dedicated customer service and he will be an aggressive advocate for you. His track record of high quality results makes Attorney Michael Pollack the Hartford attorney you need for a head injury, a traumatic brain injury, a TBI and a concussion.

Hartford, CT Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has received head injuries in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you need help from this Connecticut Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer. Attorney Michael Pollack knows how to win personal injury cases. He will carefully go over each of your options and help you form the best strategy possible to protect your rights and obtain superior results. He will keep you informed through every phase of your case, from beginning to end, and will provide you with the legal advice you need to be successful with your claim. Finally, he will be fighting for the superior results you deserve.

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