Attorney Pollack represented me in a personal injury/Motor Vehicle accident case. I needed someone to stand up for me after I was bullied by the insurance company. Attorney Pollack was my “Knight in shining armor,” not only is he smart, proactive and assertive, he’s also extremely empathetic. “He is the best,” he got me a settlement in my favor. He helped me navigate through a difficult situation. He was super responsive to any questions, phone calls and emails. I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants amazing representation.

- Melissa B. (5 star review)

Professionalism. Quality. Responsiveness. Value

I worked with Atty Pollack a couple of year ago.  He is the most professional and caring Atty I know.  He takes your cases seriously but takes care of you as though you are family. I high recommend Atty Pollack for all your accident and workers comp cases.  The best.

- Yahira Rodriguez (5 star review)

Very Helpful and Knowledgeable

Michael is very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to personal injuries.  He cares about people and is very patient in answering questions and providing guidance to the clients.  Even though he is not my attorney, he helped a great deal because he cares.

- Linda Hill(5 star review)

Will Fight for You

This Attorney will fight for you and he doesn’t care who the opposition is.  Big HEFTY SALUTE to Attorney Michael Pollack for doing a GREAT job with my injury cases.  THANK YOU.

- Christopher Romeo (5 star review)

I like Michael

Michael takes the time to describe what is going to occur in great detail, in easy-to-understand terms. I don’t like lawyers or that whole system, but I like Michael. He is not a go for the throat type of attorney, just plain fair. I recommend anybody that needs representation in personal injury, to use this guy. He represented my daughter, 18 yo involved in a car accident where she was a passenger, and she is very happy with the settlement she received.

- Mark (5 star review)

I Most Definitely Recommend

I was introduced to Att. Pollack back in the early 2000…. his knowledge of the law is second to none.. his diligence to details is outstanding… He’s DEFINITELY one that will fight for you tooth an nail… I MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM….

- Mike (5 star review)

Michael is very helpful and knowledgeable

Michael is very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes personal injuries. He cares about people and is very patient in answering questions and providing guidance to the clients. Even though he is not my attorney but he helped a great deal because he cares.

- Lynn (5 star review)

If you need help, you’re in good hands with Michael Pollack

I am AN OEF Veteran.  Michael Pollack has been helping me with workers’ compensation/personal injury, for many years in multiple cases.  I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for his attention to detail, care, and professionalism.  I recommend him to anyone who is looking to get things done the right way the first time.  No nonsense.  I find He’s a great listener, easy to communicate with and accessible. Look no further.  If you need help, you’re in good hands with Michael Pollack.

- Javier (5 star review)

Patient, tenacious, and professional.

Patient, tenacious, and professional.


- Dan (5 star review)

I highly recommend him!

I worked with Michael on a case for about a year, and I highly recommend him! After I got in a car accident, Michael took on my case and was straight forward from the start, which I really appreciate. He also genuinely cared. Any time I had a question about ANYTHING, he was always willing to answer my questions. He also responded to phone calls and e-mails the same day. Michael really listened to what I had to say and encouraged me to ask questions if I ever had any. He really fought for my case, and if I ever find myself in a similar situation, Michael will be the first one I call.

- Shiloh (5 star review)

If you are looking for an attorney that is on his game, look no further than Attorney Michael Pollack!

If you are looking for an attorney that is on his game, look no further than Attorney Michael Pollack!

This attorney returns phone calls and emails promptly something my previous attorney never did!  Beyond that he has always taken the time to explain everything to me answering any questions I might have and making sure that I understood.  He worked very hard making sure that I received the settlement that I deserved. He is a man of integrity and I am very proud that he represented me!


- Maria (5 star review)

I highly recommend Attorney Michael Pollack for any personal injury or motor vehicle accident case.

I was involved in two motor vehicle accidents within a year.  Mike was there to reassure me, answer my questions and calm my worries during one of the most difficult times in my life.  The cases were handled very professionally and had very successful results.  I highly recommend Attorney Michael Pollack for any personal injury or motor vehicle accident case.  You will not be disappointed.

- Carlos (5 star review)


Very courteous, knowledgeable. This guy pointed me in the right direction, he took time to communicate with me. Thanks for all your help. At times it felt like I was hounding you but you managed to respond to all my inquires .
Thank you again Attorney Pollack.

- edfran1938 (5 star review)

An attorney that listens to you???

Attorney Pollack is a smart, spunky lawyer who actually listens when you speak. He is compassionate about his clients and does not like to lose. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of representation and wants an attorney that will work hard for you. Want legal help without the usual attorney ego? Call Attorney Pollack for excellent representation from a one of the best!

- Amy D. (5 star review)

Workers comp injury

I was seriously injured on the job in 2005 and needed 3 back surgeries between 2005 and 2009. Then I was able to close out my case in 2013.  I was very very pleased with Attorney Pollack’s hard work, professionalism and determination. He had my back literally for the entire ordeal. No matter what was going on,  Attorney Pollack was always on top of it. He instilled great courage and strength in me throughout, and without his help and understanding, I would have never made it to the end point. In my opinion, Attorney Pollack is a great asset to any and all of his clients. On a scale of 1-10, I give him a 10 and would recommend him very strongly to anybody that needs an injury lawyer. I myself think he is one of the very best at what he does.

- Michael (5 star review)

I have trusted Attorney Pollack for more than 15 years!

Michael Pollack is a hardworking, tenacious and trustworthy lawyer who will work his tail off to get you the compensation you deserve. That is what he did for me when I had a case. He started by asking so many questions, I thought that first meeting would never end. But then I realized that he was really getting all the information he could to put together a great case that got me a great result. So don’t be surprised that he asks so many questions — he has his reasons! It was about 15 years ago that I first engaged his services. Since then there have been a few other cases and Attorney Pollack has always been the first person I call when I think I need a lawyer’s help. One thing that makes him trustworthy in my view is that a couple of times he referred me to another lawyer, saying that the case was not his specialty and another attorney would be better at it. That shows he is not going to try to BS his way on a case. To me that is trustworthy. So I think you won’t go wrong calling Michael Pollack.

- Adam (5 star review)

My review of Attorney Pollack

In 1998 I was recommended to Attorney Michael Pollack for a workers’ compensation injury case that was severe enough to require surgery. It turned out to be an excellent recommendation. Michael was very clear of our objective, confident of the outcome and caring of my needs. Michael is professional at all times, meticulous in his preparation for court and when necessary, aggressive with his opponents. He is the best at what he does and as a person he is someone who cares about people and looks for justice for his clients. He has a passion for righting wrongs. I knew he was only a phone call away should I have any questions and he always promptly returned my calls. My case was settled and I received a generous settlement beyond my expectations. I am certain that this result was due to his excellent negotiation skills. I was very fortunate to retain Michael as an attorney and highly recommend him to anyone who may find themselves in need of his services.

- Sheila (5 star review)

A great attorney

Michael Pollack is a professional lawyer.  He cares about the client’s well being and case.  He did a great job for me.  Also he stays in touch with me during the case and after.

- Philip (5 star review)