Whiplash Is Painful!

Whiplash Is Painful!

Yes, when you have whiplash, it really hurts.  I bring this up because of the countless times I’ve been irritated listening to people belittle the pain and discomfort of individuals suffering from whiplash.

What is whiplash?  Well, I’m not a doctor, but it’s often the pain in the neck and low back suffered by someone who has been rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident.  It comes from the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the body.

A problem frequently encountered by individuals suffering from this is that you cannot see it.  It does not show up on an x-ray or an MRI, or any other medical diagnostic imaging.  This leads to their family members, the public, the insurance companies and those involved in the legal system to question whether they’re truly hurt.

Haven’t you ever heard someone mention to you that ever since their car accident, their neck or back has never been the same?  Well, that’s the reason.

All I ask is that people have some compassion and understand that just because you cannot see someone suffering does not mean that they’re not enduring a great deal of pain.  Whiplash is one of those things.  Just try to remember that when someone complains about neck and back pain following a motor vehicle accident, it’s the real deal and it hurts quite a bit.