Your Injuries Prevent You From Working Your Job

Many of my injured workers’ compensation clients ask about this.  Their doctor says they can work, but they are not fully healed.  They are still receiving medical care and they have limitations.  They are not capable of working full regular duty.   This means they have a light duty work capacity.  When you have a light duty work capacity and your injuries prevent you from working your job, what should you do?

According to Connecticut’s workers’ compensation laws, you should first check with your employer.  See if they are able to accommodate your light duty restrictions.  They might be able to give you work that fits within your light duty medical restrictions.

If your employer is unable or unwilling to do this, you will be eligible to receive a workers’ compensation wage replacement benefit.  But you will need to jump through some hoops to do this.  You will need to show that you are making a reasonable effort to find temporary alternative work.  You do so by performing and documenting job searches, every week.

The best thing you can do is to have an experienced Connecticut workers’ compensation attorney representing you and guiding you through this process.

Of course, it can be hard enough to go through this for a short period of time.  Unfortunately, for many people, this can be a very long period of time.  Your own workers’ compensation lawyer will take steps to protect you so that you receive income during this period of time that your injuries prevent you from working your job.