What is Product Liability?

Consumers, according to product liability laws, are entitled to expect that the products they purchase or use will be thoroughly tested, safe and reliable.  When products fail or are defective, accidents happen that can cause pain, suffering, disability and sometimes even death.  There is a special responsibility for the safety of the public undertaken by one who enters into the business of supplying human beings with products which may endanger the safety of the product user.

Whoever markets and provides a product for use has undertaken and assumed this special responsibility toward members of the consuming public who may be injured by it, and the burden of accidental injuries caused by products intended for use is to be placed upon those who market and provide them.

There are some limits to the protections provided by product liability laws, however.  In one case where the injuries occurred due to the use of a product (exercise machine) at a health club, the court ruled that health clubs do not fall within Connecticut’s product liability laws.  See the article below.

Conn. Judge Bars Product Liability Claim After Plaintiff’s Stair Climber Mishap
Read more: https://www.ctlawtribune.com/id=1202756814794/Conn-Judge-Bars-Product-Liability-Claim-After-Plaintiffs-Stair-Climber-Mishap#ixzz47tdkugGe

The bottom line is that if you are injured from use of a product, consult with an experienced attorney to discuss the possibility of a product liability lawsuit.  Even if it is unclear whether your situation falls within the scope of the product liability laws if you have suffered a personal injury, you want an attorney aggressive enough to at least make the effort for you.