Is Medical Marijuana Covered By Workers’ Compensation

Connecticut workers’ compensation covers medical marijuana.

In Connecticut workers’ compensation, there are Commissioners who decide disputes about medical coverage.  If one of the parties wishes to appeal a Commissioner’s decision, the appeal is decided by what is called the Compensation Review Board (“CRB”).

In a case of first impression in Connecticut, the CRB just issued a unanimous and well-reasoned decision on May 12th that workers’ compensation covers medical marijuana in Connecticut.

It is important to understand that this does not permit blanket use of medical marijuana in all workers’ compensation claims.  The CRB decision makes it clear that coverage for medical marijuana will be limited and will require that numerous standards are met.  But this is an important decision because it is the first of its kind in Connecticut, and it clearly establishes medical marijuana as a legitimate treatment option under certain circumstances.

Of course, if medical marijuana is something you and your physician are considering for your workers’ compensation claim, you need a Connecticut workers’ compensation attorney who is familiar with these issues.