Driverless Cars and Issues of Fault

Driverless Cars and Issues of Fault, that’s something we all need to start thinking about.

We are not talking about the distant future or science fiction.  Rather, we’re talking about what has already started and what is right around the corner.  That would be cars that are driven either completely or partially without a human operator.

What is going to happen when there is a car accident caused by a driverless car?

In theory, one of the benefits of driverless cars will reducing accidents by removing human error.

But what about robotic error?  What about the possibility that robotic vehicle operation will not be flawless?

Presently, when someone makes a mistake and injures another, the injured person has a personal injury case to pursue against the person who is at fault.  But who do you pursue a case against when it is the fault of the robot/computer operating the vehicle?  When it screws up and injures you, who is to blame?  Who do you pursue?  Will you even have legal recourse and remedies available?

We need to make sure that as the motor vehicle system evolves, we protect individuals and their rights so that their ability to be fairly and reasonably compensated remains intact.