What in the world is pain management?

What in the world is pain management?

It is often considered to be the diagnosis and management of chronic pain.

So if you’re thinking that seems fairly obvious, and you’re wondering, what’s the issue, here is some food for thought.

I often have clients with injuries that leave them with long term symptoms.  Sometimes, those clients are fortunate enough that the symptoms are real, but manageable, perhaps because they’re not too bad or because the client has a very high pain tolerance.  But on the other hand, there are often clients whose symptoms are so bad that every day is a genuine struggle.  Every moment is like torture.  These are clients who are honest and hardworking, but now stuck with symptoms that are overwhelmingly severe.

What can they do?  They can explore pain management with the goal of easing or relieving suffering.  There are even doctors who specialize in this.

I’ve seen a wide array of pain management approaches used for the benefit of my clients.  It can be medication, counseling, physical therapy, injections, surgery and education.  One or any combination of these can help.

So please, when someone is truly suffering, there is no need for any draconian approaches requiring the suffering, and that’s because pain management is available.  Let’s all try to keep an open mind and remember that for those with chronic and severe symptoms from an injury, the option of pain management can help make life more tolerable and enjoyable again.

If you know someone enduring terrible symptoms from a serious personal injury or workers’ compensation injury, make sure they speak with an experienced attorney who can handle their case and also point them in the right direction to a qualified pain management physician.