Medical Care When Injured at Work

Medical Care When Injured at Work

Most injured workers in Connecticut do not understand or realize that when hurt on the job, under Connecticut’s workers’ compensation laws, they may choose their own physician.

At first, medical care is typically at an emergency room or urgent care facility. But after the initial medical visit at one of these places, the injured worker may follow-up with a specialist of his or her choice.

If the employer has a provider network approved by Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Commission, then the injured worker must choose the physician from this list of providers.

But either way, the specialist physician should be chosen by the injured worker. For follow-up medical care, the injured worker does NOT have to use the clinic or doctor that the employer wants.

So in Connecticut, if you are hurt on the job, after your initial medical care at an emergency or urgent care facility, you should have your follow-up with a doctor YOU choose. Find a doctor via referrals from trusted family members and friends, or from discussing your situation with a local workers’ compensation attorney who will be familiar with the doctors in the area.